Talented Professionals Wanted

The best technologies are useless without the best people to effectively implement them. One of Centurum’s core ideologies is hire only the best people. We go to great lengths to make sure we hire the most talented people in individual disciplines.

Our Culture

At Centurum, we offer a dynamic and intellectually stimulating environment for technical and engineering professionals. As a member of the Centurum team, you will join a select group of professionals characterized by superior performance on the cutting edge of technology. Our entrepreneurial esprit de corps attracts the best of the best…highly motivated, talented, educated, knowledgeable people with diverse backgrounds and skill sets. We foster competitive excellence and professional growth through challenging assignments in the latest operational and technical environments.

Centurum promotes a strong sense of family, mutual respect, and team effort. It is this camaraderie that creates dynamic interaction on the personal and professional levels, eliciting excellence in every endeavor.

We are currently looking for exceptional professionals to fill the following positions. These positions may be located in our various offices or customer sites around the country and overseas.

Title Reference Location
Administrative Assistant/Financial Specialist SD19-54 San Diego, CA
Administrative Support IAD-18-10 Suitland, MD
Business Development Coordinator TW19-21 Chesapeake, VA
CAD Technician TW18-11 Chesapeake, VA
Computer and Information Analyst TW18-06 Kuwait
Configuration Manager/Logistician SD19-35 San Diego, CA
Cyber Security SME CH-19-53 Charleston, SC
Cybersecurity Analyst TW17-04 Suffolk, VA
Cybersecurity Engineer CH-19-48 NIWC-Charleston, SC
Design/Test Engineer SD19-37 San Diego, CA
Electronic Technician I SD20-01 San Diego, CA
Electronics Assembler SD19-18 San Diego, CA
Electronics Technician TW18-14 Chesapeake, VA
Electronics Technician I SD19-63 San Diego, CA
Electronics Technician II CH-19-58 Charleston, SC
Electronics Technician II (DEPOT) SD19-24 San Diego, CA
Electronics Technician II (RF and Radar) SD19-66 San Diego, CA
Engineer CH-19-65 Charleston, SC
Engineering Technician I TW19-20 Suffolk, VA
Engineering Technician II TW19-19 Suffolk, VA
Engineering Technician III TW19-18 Suffolk VA
Engineering Technician III CH-19-60 Charleston, SC
Field Engineer, C4ISR SD19-44 San Diego, CA
Field Support Specialist(TMDE) SD19-65 San Diego, CA
Finance Manager SD20-02 San Diego, CA
Financial Assistant SD19-59 San Diego, CA
Hardware Configuration Management Specialist CH-19-69 Charleston, SC
I/O Cable Plant Technician II TW19-12 Bahrain , Jordah, Kuwait, Qatar, UAE
I/O Cable Plant Technician II TW19-22 Hampton Roads
I/O Cable Plant Technician III TW19-13 Bahrain , Jordah, Kuwait, Qatar, UAE
Information Security Analyst SD19-60 San Diego, CA
Logistician 1 SD19-53 San Diego, CA
Logistician 1 SD20-03 San Diego, CA
Logistician 2 SD19-52 San Diego, CA
Logistician 3 SD19-51 San Diego, CA
Logistician 3 SD20-07 thru 10 San Diego, CA
Logistician 5 SD20-12 San Diego, CA
Logistics Analyst CH-19-63 Charleston, SC
Network and Computer Engineer TW18-05 Afghanistan
Network and Computer Systems Administrator TW18-04 Afghanistan
Network Engineer TW18-09 Suffolk, VA
NMT Electronics Technician TW18-13 Chesapeake, VA
Operations Manager TW17-06 Aberdeen, MD
Program Manager SD19-58 San Diego, CA
Proposal Support Technical Writer TW19-08 Chesapeake, VA OR Aberdeen, MD
SATCOM Engineer / Technician SD19-03 San Diego, CA
Senior Logistician CH-19-64 Norfolk, VA
Senior Logistics Analyst TW18-01 Aberdeen, MD
Senior Systems Engineer SD19-50 San Diego, CA
Software Developer CH-19-49 Patuxent River, MD
Software Developer CH-19-50 Patuxent River, MD
Special Security Officer Administrative Support IAD 18-04 Suitland, MD
Subject Matter Expert – OBS TW20-01 Chesapeake, VA
Subject Matter Expert (SME) 1 SD19-57 San Diego, CA
Subject Matter Expert (SME) 3 SD19-56 San Diego, CA
Subject Matter Expert (SME) 3 SD20-05 and 06 San Diego, CA
Subject Matter Expert (SME) 3 SD20-11 San Diego, CA
Subject Matter Expert (SME) 5 SD19-55 San Diego, CA
Subject Matter Expert 3 (AV/VTC) TW19-17 Suffolk, VA
Systems Calibration Technician SD19-29 San Diego, CA
Technicain II TW18-12 San Antonio, TX
Technical Analyst-TacMass SME CH19-01 Patuxent River, MD
Technical Writer CH-19-36 Charleston, SC
Technical Writer/Editor 1 SD19-61 San Diego, CA
Test & Evaluation Engineer CH-19-52 Stafford, VA
Warehouse Specialist CH-19-51 Charleston, SC
Warehouse Specialist SD19-62 San Diego, CA
Warehouse Specialist SD20-04 San Diego, CA

*The majority of our positions require a DoD security clearance


Full-time employees are eligible for the following benefits enrollment from their date of hire:

  • Health Insurance - Centurum provides insurance for employee and dependent in a comprehensive package. Coverage for vision care is included. This option is available on a cost-sharing basis.
  • Dental Insurance - Available in conjunction with Health Insurance for an additional cost. Provides oral maintenance care for employee and dependent.
  • Basic Life Insurance - Company provided benefit for all full-time employees.
  • Supplemental Life Insurance - Optional life insurance coverage to employees at group rates.
  • Dependant Life Insurance - Optional coverage for dependents at a group rate.
  • Long Term Disability Insurance - Optional coverage available to employees at group rates.
  • Vacation and Sick Leave - Leave accrual is determined by length of service.
  • Holidays - The company observes ten paid holidays each year.
  • Retirement 401(k) Plan - Investments can be made into selected mutual funds under this plan. Employee is fully vested from plan entry date. The company may match employee contributions depending upon profit.

Centurum is an Equal Opportunity Employer, providing employment opportunities for all persons without discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, age, disability, marital status, citizenship or any other characteristic protected by U.S. law. Centurum makes reasonable accommodations for persons with disabilities.