Knight Networking, Incorporated is now Centurum Enterprise Services, Incorporated

Immediately upon Centurum’s acquisition of Knight Networking, Inc. in January 2015, we began the integration of Knight’s processes and personnel into the Centurum family of companies. Those integration efforts have proceeded as planned. We have retained and continue to support efforts that were being performed by Knight before the acquisition. In addition, Knight is currently growing on both the West and East coasts. As such, we have implemented the last phase of Knight’s integration into the Centurum companies with a new name, which better reflects their status within Centurum, while enhancing their capabilities branding.

Effective immediately, Knight Networking, Inc. is now Centurum Enterprise Services, Inc. (CES). This acquisition has enhanced Centurum’s overall corporate capabilities, increased employee opportunities, and provided valuable efficiencies. We are confident that Centurum is poised to continue our growth and ability to deliver exceptional support to our valued customers.


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